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Do it yourself - How to install a repair kit for restoring injector nozzles
弌亟亠仍舒亶 ム§ョ仄 - ミ囗ョ从 ムτムxョ仆仂于亳ムび ム亠仄从仂仄仗仍亠从ム 亟仍ム 于仂ムムムxョ仆仂于仍亠仆亳ム ム仂ムムム仆仂从 亳仆亢亠从ムxシム舒

Here's a short and simple video on how to install an injector repair kit or injector service kit, as they are sometimes called.

Fuel injectors are an important part of your car, but after several years of operation, the amount of fuel and spray is disrupted. Fortunately, injector recovery kits are available, inexpensive, and you can easily install them yourself.

I bought mine for $ 2.5, and it contained everything I needed for 4 fuel injectors from my X18XE 16V engine in my 1997 Opel vectra 1.8i automatic transmission (yc 90470755).

Here is what is included in the package:
4x caps
4 top rail spacers
4 lower rings (also called insulators or shock absorbers)
4 high-performance microfilters

O-rings, rail spacers, and shock absorbers are easily replaced manually. Needle covers need to be warmed up a little, and microfilters should be replaced by inserting a screw in a vice. All in all, a 15 minute job that will make your fuel injectors new.

Conventional injectors, unlike modern versions of gasoline and diesel engines with direct injection, very rarely fail. So do not replace them if you are not 100% sure that they need to be replaced. A repair kit and / or professional cleaning will bring them into working condition, like new ones, in the shortest possible time.

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